Speaking of Iceland, if tourists have ample time, they will participate in a tour around the South Coast for 1 – 2 days. The local tours will start from Reykjavik and will visit some famous spots such as Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss and the Black Beach. If you join a 2-day tour, they will even bring you to the jökulsárlón located further away. Let's us first introduce the first stop Seljalandsfoss to you. The waterfall is situated in the southern part of Iceland and is 60 meters high. During the Ice Age, this place used to be coast cliffs. However, since the ice had melted, the coastline has been moved further away from here.

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Even though this is not the largest or the most famous waterfall in Iceland, however, it has a major selling points, which is the small pathway behind the waterfall which allows you to see the entire waterfall. The places right behind the waterfall is a major photo taking place and many people deliberately come here to take photos. The best time to take the photos is at sunset and when the sunlight shines on the waterfall, you feel like being part of the fairy tale. You can also try getting into the water, but please make sure that you have brought extra clothes with you and this place can slippery. Please be ware when visiting it.Apart from taking local tour, you can drive to this place using the No. 1 highway to this place and other major sightseeing spots.

Address: Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
Opening Hours: Year Round
Entrance Fee: Free


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