The Kishigawa Line of the Wakayama Electric Railway is a cute railway in Japan. The railway line is 14.3 kilometers long and it links the Wakayama Station and the Kishigawa Station. There are a total of 14 stations in the line. The reason why it is super cute is that the station manager of the Kishigawa Station is a three-color cat known as "Tama". It was the first station manager and her tenure was between 2007 and 2015. After that, it was named the "Permanent Station Manager" and the station manager now is called "Tama II".

Apart from the cute station, there are also three types of train. The first train is the "Tama Train", where the entire train cabin has the drawings of the small cat "Tama". The second train is the "Strawberry Train" and the entire train cabin including the floor, chair and desk are made of woods. The third type is the "Toy Train" where there are many different toys as well as the twist toy machines. This allows the family to have an enjoyable time.

Strawberry Train Exterior and Interior Design 


Toy Train Exterior and Interior Design 


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