In Paris, it is not difficult to locate the ice-cream shop, which uses "Little Angels" as its logo. We are actually talking about the famous Gelato Shop Amorino Gelato Italiano. 

Amorino Gelato Italiano is a chain ice-cream shop. It was first launched in 2002 in Italy and has over 100 shops in Europe. In Asia, the only branch is in Seoul of South Korea. 

There are many branches in Europe and there are 24 in Paris. Most of them are situated near sightseeing place or subway station, therefore you can easily locate one. 

Apart from selling gelato, the shop also sells ice-cream, cookies and crepes. There are three different sizes for Gelato and you can also enjoy the famous macrone. 

After you have selected the size and paid, the shop will produce your favorite Gelato. You can add different petal to the gelato, each of different tastes. You must definitely try the Gelato at the Amorino when you pass by it.

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Amorino Gelato Italiano

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