The MIU MIU SPA 2 shop in Ho Chi Minh City is part of the MIU MIU SPA Group. Apart from the original branch, this branch number 2, there are three other branches. This place is reputed to be the “must visit” massage parlour for the Japanese due to its clean environment and reasonable rates. The service is also excellent. If you would like to visit the spa, please book in advance online or through telephone.
The rates at MIU MIU SPA are very reasonable. The 90-minute all body massage (Essential oil / Taishi / finger pressure / medicinal grass ball / fresh crushed essential oil) costs about 500,000 – 600,000 VND, and there is foot massage, 4-hand massage and other packages.
MIU MIU SPA 2 is located very close to the main branch MIU MIU SPA, but since this branch has more space and there are free steam room available for customers after massage, therefore lots of people prefer this branch over the main branch.

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After you stepped into the store, you will receive a welcome drink and the staff will provide a questionnaire for the customer to fill out so that the customer can put down his/her request there, such as the body parts that should be focused on as well as the type of flagrant to be used.
After you have filled out the questionnaire, you will be brought to the first floor to put down your shoes and other belongings and then you will be brought to the massage rooms on the second floor for massage. The only negative point at this branch is that there is only curtain separating between different massage rooms. After the massage session is over, you can take a shower as well as use the steam room.
Towards the end, you can provide comments about the service you received. After payment, you will receive a glass of smoothie, hot tea and snacks. You can rest for a while before leaving this place.

Address: 2B Chu Manh Trinh Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.
Telephone: +84 28 6680 2652
Opening Hours: 09:30 - 23:30 (Last order until 22:30)

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