The Toyota Museum is another famous car-related museum in Nagoya. It was built to celebrate the 50thanniversary of Toyota Motors. Situated in the suburbs, the museum has a main building and a new building and displays over 160 vehicles from all over the world, and the museum introduces the development of cars that it produced.  

22Aug1 4 2019

In order to allow the general public to obtain better understanding of the development of motor cars, and to further emphasize the importance of Japanese cars to the world. Therefore, in 2016, the museum has significantly adjusted the items on display. 

There are two main themes to the 2nd and 3rd floor of the exhibition hall. It used 1950 as the cut-off point and the two main themes are "From the Beginning of Motor Vehicles Production to the Birth of Japanese Car" and the "Spread of Motor Vehicles and its Development". Each floor has been further subdivided into different areas according to different time period. You will be able to see different cars produced in Japan, Europe and the US on the same floor, which allows you to further understand the relationships between Japan and those countries in terms of car production. 

22Aug1 6 2019

As for the new building, apart from the exhibition of the "Spread of Motor Vehicles and its Development", there is a library containing books for tourists to read. Also, you will find some souvenir shops and coffee shop there. 

In addition to the twice a year "Toyota Museum Vintage Car Show" the museum often organizes some vintage car events, which provide chances for people to interact with each other to further promote the Toyota Motor culture. 

22Aug1 5 2019

Toyota Museum emphasizes on the development of cars and it has displays of cars produced from other countries. If you are interested in Japanese cars and Toyota, you must not miss this place. 

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