Atsuta Jingu is located in Nagoya and it is the second most popular Jingu in Japan after the Ise Jingu.

26Oct1 2 2020

The main worship item of the Atsuta Jingu is the Kusanagi sword and it is one of the three major worship items in Japan. It represents having power. The Gods inside the Jingu are those with a lot of power and force. From the Japanese Emperor's point of view, it is the second most important Jingu to worship, after the Ise Jingu.

The Atsuta Jingu was built 1900 years ago and cover an area of 190,000 square feet. It has a main temple and an annex, and there are 8 sessha 18 massha within the complex.

26Oct1 3 2020

To reach there, you can alight at the JR Atsuta Station and walk for 7 minutes. You can also reach there using subway line and alight at the Temmacho Station and walk for 3 minutes, or take the Meitetsu and alight at the Jingu-mae Station and walk for 7 minutes.

There are many ways of getting into the Jingu. If you go from the main entrance, you will pass through 3 torri and you will reach the main temple.

26Oct1 4 2020

When you pass through the second torri, there is an ancient tree of over 1000 years old. It was rumored that it was planted by the Kobo Daishi and there was a saying that a white snake is living inside the tree. If anyone who sees the white snake, one will be protected by the God.

Visitors cannot enter the main temple, but you can worship outside the fence. There are some stalls selling souvenirs as well.

26Oct1 5 2020

There are some other temples within the complex where you can pray for family safety and to wash away bad luck. You can also visit some other sightseeing spots such as the oldest bridge in Nagoya known as Twenty-five chome bridge and the Nobunaga Fence nearby the temple.

Atsuta Jingu
Address: 1-1-1 Jingu, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 456-8585


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