Situated in the seaside, the "Motono Sumiinari Shrine" is situated near the Ryugu area, and has over 123 fire-red colored Torii, which resulted in a tunnel. The donation boxes there are different from the normal ones where you could place your donations easily into the box. For the donation boxes here, they are located on top of the Torii, and if you wanted to donate money, you would need to try and throw them into the box. If you are able to throw it into the box, then your wishes will come true.  

Even though this place is not very conveniently located, and you have to drive or take a taxi before reaching there, it has been voted by CNN as one of the top 31 beautiful sceneries in Japan. It is a must visit place in life. 

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Motono Sumiinari Shrine

Address: 498 Tsuyoshi Yutani, Nagato city, Yamaguchi Prefecture

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