When traveling to Norway, one must participate in the activity "Norway in a Nutshell".  You will not only see the beautiful mountain and bay view, and you will be able to travel from Oslo to another nearby city called Bergen. You will go through cities such as Myrdal, Flam, Gudvangen and Voss along the way. 

When you start the activity by taking train from Oslo, you will see beautiful mountain with snow on top of them. The Flam Railway is the name of the train that you will take and it provides English introduction to various sightseeing spots. During the journey, it will stop over in the Kjosfossen waterfall and you will experience the waterfall situated right next to the platform. When the train is stopping at the station, there will be some dancing performed, and it is a must-see activity when taking the train. 

You can then take a cruise ship to Gudvangen, during which you will pass along the Sognefjord and you will experience beautiful bay view during the trip. During the journey, you will pass through a small canal called Nærøyfjord, which has 300 meters wide and it has been rated as one of the important world heritage by UNESCO. 

From Gudvangen to Voss, you can take bus and the driver will introduce the various sightseeing spots along the way. Finally, you will take a train from Voss to Bergen and finish the whole journey. If you plan well, you can start the journey from Oslo at 8am and then arrive at Bergen at 8pm. If you have ample time, then you can consider staying overnight in one of the cities during the journey. 

You can purchase all the transportation tickets in one go at the official website, and you can even book the hotels on the different cities along the way. If you would like to save money, then you can also purchase those transportation tickets differently at various websites. 

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Norway in a nutshell

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