The Sydney Fish Market is a famous tourist spot. It is reputed as the largest seafood market in the southern hemisphere and this market is ranked the third as in the amount of seafood provided in the world. 

15Sep3 2 2018

Actually the space of this market is not too big. You will probably feel a bit disappointed if you are preparing to see a huge and grand market. However, the types and amount of seafood provided here are stunning. You will find all sorts of rare seafood as well as the usual ones such as fresh fish, fish roe, live crab, abalone, lobster; even, oysters, shells, etc.

15Sep3 3 2018

The most attractive point of this market is the ability for you to purchase the seafood and try them on spot. You can also ask the shop to cook for you. Apart from grilling it, some shops sell hand wrapped sushi with seafood and some can even steam it in Chinese style.

15Sep3 4 2018

Sydney Fish Market
Address: Bank St & Pyrmont Bridge Road, Sydney NSW 2009
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 07:00 ~16:00/ Fri-Sun 07:00 ~17:00

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