Battistero di San Giovanni is a very scared place. It is located at the western side of the church. The octagon-shaped structure was built in the 4th century and the exterior is in green and white color. It is a Romanesque building. 

This is one of the oldest structure in Florence and a lot of famous people were baptized here, including Dante Alighieri and other famous Renaissance leaders.

The most prominent structure is the eastern door. The door is made of bronze and gold and was designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti. The sculpture is about 10 Bible stories and it was mentioned by Michelangelo as the "Door to Heaven". People said that this door opened door to Renaissance and it is a must visit place for tourists.

Actually since 1966 only the replicate of the door is displayed here. The original is being displayed at the museum next door. You can see the original door inside the museum. 

If you like architecture, this building is one of the largest churches and there are many paintings on the ceiling about various Bible stories.

The door on the eastern side is called "Door to Heaven" and there are many people coming for pilgrimage.


The door on the eastern side is just a replicate. The original one is being displayed in the Church's Museum next door. 


The roof ceiling is very stunning. 


Battistero di San Giovanni

Address : Piazza San Giovanni, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

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Package (Dome, Baptistery, Clock Tower, Museum, Underground Tomb)
Adults                            15 EUR

Child (6-11 years old)     3 EUR

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