Karlovy Vary, also known as KV, is a famous hot spring and spa destination in Czech Republic.

9Oct1 2 2020

This hot spring town was set up in the 14th century by King Charles IV and many famous persons such as Beethoven, Brahms and Peter the Great. It is now one of the most famous resort destinations in Czech Republic.

9Oct1 3 2020

If you would like to go from Prague to KV, you can take the Student Agency nonstop bus, which takes about 2 hours.

9Oct1 4 2020

The most interesting fact about the hot spring here is that you can simply drink the water and you will see lots of tourists taking the mugs around the city to drink water from different hot springs. The hot spring water contains more than 40 types of minerals and is good for health treatments.

9Oct1 5 2020

KV has 5 large hot spring colonnades, with 15 hot spring water sources. The most famous colonnades are Park Colonnade, Mill Colonnade and Market Colonnade, which is linked by the Tepla river. There are lots of hot spring hotels, restaurants and shops along the river.

9Oct1 6 2020

Mill Colonnade (Mlynska Kolonada) was built in 1881, and it has a 132-feet long Renaissance style corridor with 5 hot spring sources of different temperature for everyone to enjoy and drink as well.

9Oct1 7 2020

Park Colonnade (Sadová kolonáda) is part of the Dvořák park, its structure include 2 bronze domed pavilions and white colored promenade. There are 3 hot spring sources with water suitable for healing wounds.

9Oct1 8 2020

Market Colonade (Tržní kolonáda) was built in the 1880s in Swiss style and has 2 water sources.

9Oct1 9 2020

Finally, the Hot Spring Colonnade (Vřídelní kolonáda) has a glass structure with water of 72 degrees celsius. It is an indoor hot spring. It has souvenir shops as well as the famous Czech glass artwork available for sale. In the outdoor area, there is a hot fountain.

Karlovy Vary

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