Český Krumlov ("CK Town") is a small town and is reputed as the most beautiful small town in Czech Republic. The original look has been carefully maintained and it was listed as one of the World Heritage Sites by United Nations in 1992. It is a must visit place in Czech Republic other than Prague.

CK Town is located at the upper stream of Vltava. The river went through the city in the middle in the form of an S shape. The town was built in 1250 and has two areas - Latran on the mountains in the northern side and the Old Town. In the Old Town area, you will find many streets covered in stones and houses with red roof, and you can also find the Castle and the Castle Tower reflecting the Medieval era.

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Old Town Square and the Fountain and Plague Column
The Old Town Square was built in the 13th century. It is located in the city center of the CK Town. There are many smaller roads linking to the square or surrounding the square.

The buildings around the square are built in Gothic style and the Column in the center was built to remember the citizens who passed away due to the black death disease.There are many different restaurants and hotels near the square and you can also find shops providing foreign exchange service.

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It is in S shape and divide the city into 2 halves. Apart from taking photos and jogging, you can also find river side restaurants where you can enjoy great views with great food.

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CK Castle
The castle was the largest one outside of Prague, and was built in the 13th century.

When you enter the castle, you can see the cute Protection Bear. There is no need to buy tickets to enter the Castle area. However, if you want to go inside the castle building you must join a guided tour. The Third Courtyard there has a lot of Renaissance paintings for you to enjoy.

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You can also find the famous Cloak Bridge there. It was built in the 15th century by wood and was changed to stones in 1686. The three-level bridge was supported by huge stone columns and the different levels linking the Castle with the Fifth Courtyard, Theater and Garden. Many people tried taking photos from the top of the bridge and some people also take photos from the bottom level of the bridge.After passing through the Cloak Bridge, you can reach the Garden and the Fifth Courtyard.

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CK Castle Tower
The CK Castle Tower is the spiritual representative of the town. It was built in the 13th century and was renovated in 1580 into Renaissance style. The exterior of the tower was also renovated with different colors. You will find different color at each level.

You must pay to visit the Castle Tower where you can enjoy the picturesque view of the city.

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Český Krumlov Castle and Castle Tower
Address: Zámek 59, 381 01 Český Krumlov, Czechia

Website: https://bit.ly/2LNnQR3

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