Oromo Cafe is a popular coffee shop chain. It has branches at the Taipei Station, World Trade Center, Dunnan and Shilin. The most famous one is the branch near the Taipei Station.

The Taipei Station branch is located on the Nanyang Street, which has a large number of tutorial schools. It is situated between a tutorial school and a small food store. Its small entrance which gives you the wrong impression that it is a small store. Once you entered the store, you will realize that it has 4 storeys high. Each floor has its own character and is suitable for taking photos.

On the first floor, it has an industrial feel. Behind the glass wall and sofa, you will see the brewing machine and coffee machine. Apart from serving coffee, the cake cabinet allows you to choose all sorts of cakes, beer as well as biscuits, etc. You can order your dessert on the first floor, pick up your good and then select a seat on the upper floors.

On the second floor, it is designed in England style. You will find wall, sofa, chandelier, Vinyl Records machines. It seems like you are being in the UK. The third and fourth floor are linked and there is a huge bookshelf on one side and there is a slide where you can play as well. There are certain seats available that is close to the slide where you can sit down and relax.

Apart from the bookshelf and staircase, there is artificial grassland on the third floor. You can sit on the grass and enjoy coffee. On the fourth floor, there is transparent floor and there is also a big desk which can accommodate more than 10 persons for group discussion.

You can make advanced reservation at Oromo Cafe, and you can spend whatever time there. There is no service charge, wifi and socket providing electricity. The minimum charge is just a drink. Therefore, it has attracted a large number of customers. 

The first floor is the coffee bean brewing area. You can see the attendants working hard to make coffee there. 




The second floor is designed in England style. It has a UK flag, a typewriter and a Vinyl Records machine on display. 



The third and fourth floors are interlinked. On the left hand side of the bookshelves, you will find a slide. There are also windows allowing natural light to come in. 


Fourth floor has transparent floor.


Oromo Cafe – Taipei Station Shop

Address : No.2, Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Telephone : 02-2311 7070

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday           07:30 – 22:30
Saturday and Sunday    08:00 – 22:30 

For details, please visit : https://goo.gl/94y5EA

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