Situated just 10 minutes from Shinjuku, the Nakano Broadway within the Nakano area has attracted many tourists in the recent years. Just after you got out of the JR Nakano Station, you will find a street known as Nakano Sun Mall which features some old shops, restaurants and drug stores. Towards the end of the street, you will find the landmark of the area known as Nakano Broadway.

20Oct1 1 2019

20Oct1 3 2019

Nakano Broadway is an integrated shopping mall, which contains shops that sell fashion, cosmetic products and there are also some restaurants. The main reason for attracting a lot of foreign tourists was because of its animation stores, as well as stores that sell antique and models, just seems like a miniature of Akihabara. Nakano Broadway also attracts a lot of tourists that like purchasing watches, as the watch shop Jackroad is located on level 3. There are also some exhibitions which will take place at this mall, such as the Akira Amano exhibition which took place previously.

20Oct1 4 2019

20Oct1 5 2019

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