The Rui Feed Festival is a major festival that takes place in autumn, which is used to celebrate the harvest for the year.

This festival has over 1,000 years of history, and is usually held between October 1 and 5 of the year. There will be the parade of Mikoshi and tea ceremony. The Mikoshi are usually decorated with the harvest of the year.

It is rumoured that the festival comes from the Kitano Festival and people there use vegetables and other harvest to decorate the Mikoshi. The other part of the Mikoshi is often decorated using other sorts of crops, vegetables and flowers.

Over the years, the local people really love this festival and will participate in the Mikoshi parade. In the recent years, the special decoration of the Mikoshi has attracted many tourists to come.

On the first and last day of the festival, there will be some small girls that will dance in the area. They will carry the rings and dance in the Main shrine. Their pretty clothes and excellent dances have added heats to the festival. 

The small child preparing to dance on the first day of the festival.


The tea pouring event on the second day of the festival.


Each Mikoshi is decorated using the harvest of autumn.


This Mikoshi is created using Kim Taro as the main theme.


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