As Sanada Yukimura is so popular, let us explore more about his life. The Sanada Shrine is a good place. The shrine is located in the Uedajo City and in the old days it is the shrine for protecting the Sanada family, Sengoku family and Matsudaira family. 

20Apr1 2 2019

This place is not called the Sanada Shrine and has been renamed in 1953 as Uedajo Shrine and further in 1963 as the Sanada Shrine. The most famous feature here is the large caps of Sanada Yukimura. You will see the entire area to be filled with the features of the Sanada family. The shrine has also attracted a large number of students to come and pray for success in their studies. 

20Apr1 3 2019

Uedajo City

Address: 1-12 Nenomaru, Uedajo City, Nagano Prefecture

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