Speaking of the cathedrals in Helsinki, there are three of them that you must visit. 

1. Helsingin Tuomiokirkko

This church is the main cathedral situated next to the Helsinki University. It was built in Russian architectural style in 1852 and the exterior is mainly white in color.

The church has a large dome shaped roof in the middle with four small domes on the side. Above the main entrance, you can see the sculptures of the 12 disciples.  

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Apart from going inside for a visit, you can choose to rest in the staircase. Once you sat down on the staircase, you can see the large Parliament Plaza. In the middle of the plaza, you will find a statute of Alexander the Great, which was built to celebrate the independence of Finland. As such, it has very special meaning to the local citizens. 

The Helsingin Tuomiokirkko
Address: Unioninkatu 29, 00170 Helsinki, Finland
Opening Hours: Open daily 09:00-18:00
June-August daily 09:00-24:00

Website: https://goo.gl/O8s4sU

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