Speaking of the cathedrals in Helsinki, there are three of them that you must visit. 

2. Temppeliaukio Church

We have just introduced the Helsingin Tuomiokirkko, and now we will introduce another special church called Temppeliaukio Church or the Rock Church. The local citizens are very proud of this church and yet it has only a history of 40 years. Apart from the traditional churches which has dome shaped roof, clock towers, etc., the architectural style of this church is not special at all. It seems like it was just contained within a large piece of granite.  

23Jun1 2 2019

However, once you have stepped inside the church, you will find on the different walls all the granite which had not been refined. There is a glass roof on top of the church and therefore bringing a lot of sunlight onto the church. 

Since granite is good for reflecting sound and music, when someone is playing the harp inside the church, you will enjoy the very special atmosphere caused by the reflections. As such, a lot of local citizens often organize concerts in this church. 

Temppeliaukio Church
Address: Lutherinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Opening Hours: Opening hours vary weekly, please listen to the recorded message at +358 (0)9 2340 5940. Closed during church ceremonies and events.

Website: https://goo.gl/x0kEH8

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