Kapellbrücke is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. It is situated in Luzern and is 204 meters long. It connects the new town and old town area and is situated near the opening of the Lake of Luzern.The bridge was built in 1333 and was used for defense. The bridge also contains 120 pieces of paintings that were drawn in the 17th century about Luzern. However, a boat hit the bridge in 1993 and set the bridge on fire, and therefore, a large part of the bridge was damaged during the fire. Even though the bridge was rebuilt afterwards, a large portion of the paintings were destroyed.

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There is a 43-meter tall tower built using bricks which is called Wasserturm. This tower was once used as a prison, a torture place, an observatory desk and a gold treasury. In the current days, it has become a souvenir shop and it will be a fantastic experience shopping here, which is in the middle of the bridge.

Address: Kapellbrücke, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland

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