"Bern" is the German word for bear. The name was rumoured to be coming from the fact that Berchtold V, Duke of Zähringen, killed a bear near this area along River Aare and therefore named the city after "Bern" in 1911. Afterwards, bear has become the city emblem and its mascot. You will be able to see bear accessories and even flags everywhere in the city.

If you walk out of the old town and reach the other side of River Aare, you will reach the BärenPark, which was built along the river.

10Feb1 2 2020

The BärenPark was built along River Aare, and it also has some slopes and a rectangular shaped water pond, and the entire park fits perfectly well with the natural environment. There are high walls around the park, no matter whether it is at the peak or near the pathways, to ensure visitors can enjoy watching the bear in the garden safely.

There are currently three bears in the park. If the weather is good, they will meet with the visitors. The park is open for free every day and if you want to see the mascot of the Bern City, you must visit the park.

10Feb1 3 2020

Please note that the bear will rest during winter, and they will only be seen between spring and autumn. Please go and check the website for the days where the bear will be available for the visitors through its official website.

Address: Grosser Muristalden 6, 3006 Bern, Switzerland
Opening Time: Year Round
Entrance Fee: Free


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