Speaking of Iceland, you must not miss the special Icelandic Horse. Those horses were introduced by the Vikings to Iceland over 1,000 years ago, and those horses had never mixed with other types of horses since then. When you tried introducing different types of horses from far away, it was not easy at all. Someone tried breeding this type of horses with other horses and horses but the government had made a law that Icelandic Horses can only be breed with the same type of horses to ensure good quality. In addition, the laws also forbid exporting the horses and if you borrowed the horses out of the country for sports games, the horses will not be allowed to go back to Iceland again. Therefore, you must really try riding those horses when you are in Iceland. 

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Speaking of horse riding, it will take a few hours. Perhaps you can also add on other activities, such as whale watching, as well as glacier hiking. If you really like horse riding, you can spend a few days there. 

The horse riding tours often include roundtrip transfers, and once you have arrived at the racecourse, you will be provided with waterproof clothes, helmet and sport shoes. There is no need to worry about clothes. The instructor will help you select the helmet of the right size and will provide horses to you according to what fits best. Then, they will teach you how to ride on the horses and especially how to control the horses using the strings. You will take practise inside the fences and when you are ready, you and the horse will be brought to the area out of the fences. 

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Even though the training time is short, but it is not too difficult to ride on horses and you will have instructors to teach you on the side. The instructors will also lead your way, so you do not need to worry about getting lost or fall on the ground.

Different horse riding organizations have different themes, and some of the tours will include riding horses near volcanos or near the lakes, etc. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy excellent scenery while riding on horses. Towards the end of the trip, the speed of the horses will accelerate and you will really feel the fun of horse riding!

Icelandic Horse Riding Tour


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