If you would like to visit the Vatican Museum, you need to enter it from the boundary of Vatican. As there are a large number of tourists visiting every day, advanced reservation through the internet is recommended, otherwise you will need to spend a lot of time lining up for tickets. There are headphones with guided tours in Chinese which you can rent there. You can also write some post cards and mail them out from the post office there. There are over 1,407 rooms within the Vatican Museum which displays ancient Egyptian, Renaissance and modern arts with over 100,000 art products on display. The must see pieces include the huge paintings created by Michaelangelo inside the Sustine Chapel, but no photography is allowed inside the chapel.

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The most famous piece of painting inside the museum is The Last Judgement, which can be divided into four parts. On the top part, it contains the angels and in the middle, there is Jesus Christ. The lower part of the painting is the crowd that is awaiting to be judged while the bottom of the painting is the hell. Another piece of painting is located on the ceiling of the chapel, which is created according to the Book of Genesis in 4 years' time. The artist used 9 scenes from the Book of Genesis to create the painting and those scenes include: The Separation of Light and Darkness, The Creation of the Sun, Moon and Earth, The Separation of Land and Water, The Creation of Adam, The Creation of Eve, The Temptation and Expulsion, The Sacrifice of Noah, The Great Flood and The Drunkenness of Noah. The most famous portion of the painting is probably The Drunkenness of Noah. You can easily spend a whole day there enjoying the painting.

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Vatican Museum
Entrance Fee: 16 Euros; Free on the Last Sunday of Every Month
Guided Tour: 7 Euros (Chinese)
Online Booking Surcharge: 4 Euros
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 18:00 (16:00 Stop Ticketing); Closed on Sundays
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For details, please visit : https://goo.gl/jkEKoa

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