If you ask someone from Sapporo to recommend a good coffee shop, Morihico must be on the list. It has a few branches in Sapporo and the main store is the most popular. The Morihico main store is located at the residential area near Hokkaido Shrine and  Maruyama Park. It is situated inside a small lane.

25Jan1 2 2020

The owner has spent over 3 years to convert a wooden residential house into a coffee shop. It has two levels but there are not a lot of seats. Therefore, people often have to line up to be seated. The interior of the coffee shop is in retro style and is quite dark. There are lots of antiques being displayed.

25Jan1 5 2020

Only drinks and cakes are sold. The cakes have sweet and non-sweet flavors and if you order a cake set with drinks, you can save 100 Yen. The highly recommend item is the Mori no shizuku coffee. It is brewed using its Mocha, Matening and Colombia coffee beans together with some floral scent, making the coffee to be very pleasant and not bitter at all.

25Jan1 3 2020

Apart from this, there are other flavors of drinks and coffee and sometimes there will be some limited editions available for customers. As for dessert, there is a cake named Chiboust and it has caramel on the surface and the cake itself is made using cream together with some alcohol added. There are also slices of apples added as well.

25Jan1 4 2020

You can also purchase some coffee beans and related products as souvenirs, so please do not miss the chance of getting some for your family and friends.

25Jan1 6 2020

Address: 2-18, 26, Minami, Nishi 2jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Telephone: 0800-111-4883
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:00 (L.O 20:30)

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