If you want to enjoy the scenery of Mount Fuji, you can do so from Lake Kawaguchi or other areas, and you can even do so from Subaru.

Mount Fuji has been divided into ten different areas from the peak to the foot of the mountain. Subaru is situated at the mountainside. You can reach there directly from Tokyo, and you can also reach the peak of Mount Fuji by bus. It is an area where all the visitors must pass through if they want to visit Mount Fuji. Subaru is located at an altitude of 2305 meters and apart from seeing the peak of Mount Fuji, when the weather is good, you can also see the Southern Alps and Northern Alps.

Apart from beautiful scenery, there are lots of restaurants and souvenirs shops. There are many different snacks created in theme or shape of Mount Fuji. In addition, you can purchase some Japanese corn and potato to keep warm during cold weather.

There is also a post office. Apart from purchasing postcards, you can buy postmarks and seals and therefore has attracted many tourists to visit.

In addition, there is the Ogodake Shrine, and you can purchase the amulet from the souvenirs store located at the entrance.

Subaru is a great sightseeing place and it is a gathering place for those mountain hikers. There is also a tourist information center and there are even accommodation areas for the mountain hikers.

You can see the peak of Mount Fuji from Subaru.fuji2

You can see Lake Kawaguchi, Southern Alps and Northern Alps from the area.fuji3

The highly popular Japanese corn and potato at Subaru.fuji4


Ogodake Shrine


Address: 8545-1 Narusawa, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301Japan

Telephone: +81 555-72-2121

Opening hours: Varies in different seasons

For details, please visit : https://goo.gl/L6GdGD

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