In recent years the Kiyosumi area has become the representation of premium coffee. Apart from the Blue Bottle which came from the US, you will find the ALLPRESS ESPRESSO TOKYO ROASTERY CAFÉ that comes from New Zealand. 

17Feb3 2 2019

ALLPRESS ESPRESSO was established in New Zealand in 1986 and it has arrived in Tokyos Kiyosumi area in 2014. This shop was converted from the old wooden store and has maintained the wooden beams of the original factory. The structure has added fall to ceiling windows, and therefore created a fusion of modern and classical architectural style. 

17Feb3 3 2019

The area of the shop is not large and there are only a few seats. This is because ALLPRESS ESPRESSO has kept a large area for the coffee brewing machine. ALLPRESS ESPRESSO has introduced various coffee beans from all over the world and used its own method to brew the coffee beans. Therefore, its special taste has attracted a lot of customers. The brewing area is separated from the sitting area by a glass wall so the customer can see the whole brewing process. 

17Feb3 4 2019

This place sells coffee which is in the format of condensed, righteousness, and ice drops, and together with other drinks such as tea and fruit juices. In addition, there are some snacks such as bagel and toast. There are also some coffee-related materials available and of course you can find its own special coffee beans. 

17Feb3 5 2019

Address: 3 Chome-7-2 Hirano, Koto, Tokyo 135-0023 Japan
Telephone: +81 3-5875-9392
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday                                      08:00 ~ 17:00
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday     09:00 ~ 18:00

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