When visiting the Old Street of Takayama, one of the activities is to visit the different snacks shops in the area. Apart from Hida Beef sushi, you can also try the Hida Beef Sandwich.

23Oct2 2 2018

The "Hida Beef Hand Made Workshop – Kihachiro" is a famous place where all its products are 100% made of Hida Beef. The sandwich size is perfect and not very oily. It is suitable for eating when walking around the area. You can even enjoy it within the shop and there are hot tea and hot soup provided within the shop, so you will not feel thirsty at all. 

23Oct2 3 2018

Free wifi is provided inside the shop, so it is a perfect place for you to relax after shopping in the area. Apart from Hida Beef Sandwich, you can also find Sesame Sandwich as well, which is also good in taste. 

23Oct2 4 2018

Hida Beef Hand Made Workshop Kihachiro
Address: Gifu Sen 2 Shimonosuke-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu Prefecture
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00

For details, please visit

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