Situated along the Godo Line of the Aomori Prefecture, the Kizukuri Station only serves 300 passengers a day. However, the special figure hanging outside of the exterior of the station has made the station to be one of the 100 most popular train stations in Japan. The special figure outside the exterior of the station is called "Light Blocker Figure" and it was a recreation of the historical artefact that was created 5,000 years ago.

15Feb2 2 2019

The artefact was actually was to prevent bad luck. This historical artefact was discovered at the Kamegaoka Site near the station and has become very popular since then. You can learn more about the special figure as well as visit the museum and purchase related souvenirs in the area. 

Kizukuri Station
Address: 10 Kidzukuri Fusamatsu, Tsunagaru-shi, Aomori Prefecture

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