The Maritiman is a maritime museum located on the water. It is located at Gothenburg of Sweden. The museum is made up of 19 shops including Patrol boats, gunboats, destroyers, lighthouse boats, and U-type submarines. The ships are linked together and the oldest one is the HSwMS Sölve built in 1875. 

Maritiman allows visitors to climb through the different ships to experience the structure and its functionalities. It is well suited to be visited by those who likes military equipment. 

11Nov3 2 2018

Visitor can follow the signs to visit each ship and there is English explanation. There are dummy man placed inside the compartments so you will understand how people live on the ships. You will need to climb up and down and some of the corridors are quite narrow. There are also some workshops for families and allow people of all age to learn together. 

11Nov3 3 2018

Address: Packhusplatsen 12, 411 13 Göteborg, Sweden
Telephone: +46 31 10 59 50

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