Situated at Gotesborg of Sweden, the Universeum has 7 levels and was built in 2001. The goal of it is to"play leads to knowledge". Apart from the diversified exhibitions, you will find interactive sessions which are best for families.



The Ocean Zone of the Universeum has several hundreds of ocean organisms such as tiger shark, giant devilfish, etc. The Rainforest has animals such as frogs, sloth, birds and butterflies on display.


Apart from that, the Space Zone of Universeum display items such as astronaut supplies such as capsules, toilets, etc. which helps us to understand more about the life of astronauts. The Teknoteket area will change its themes and activities on a usual basis, allowing small children to learn about basic scientific theories. Small children can visit the Job Land and try to be firemen, veterinary, to learn more about the characteristics of a different career.


The most suitable area for a family to visit is the Health area, which uses different equipment to test your softness, reaction and physical conditions. You can learn more about your body in this area.Apart from the different exhibitions, you can try out the restaurants within the complex.

Address: Södra vägen 50, Göteborg
Telephone: +46(0) 31 335 64 50
Opening Hours:                       10:00–18:00
Ascension 10–13 May              10:00–19:00
Summer 30 June–12 August    10:00–20:00
Christmas Eve 24 December    10:00–15:00
Ticket (One day ticket):
Adults                                       SEK 190
3~ 16 years old                         SEK 135
Under 3                                     Free
65 years old or above               SEK 155

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