If you have some free time and you are participating in the "Norway in a Nutshell" activity, many people will choose to stay one night in a city in the middle of the journey, so that you can participate in all sorts of activities such as canoeing, hiking, etc. Flam is a popular destination. 

8Jan2 2 2018

Firetheim Hotel is situated near the bayside and close to the Flam railway station and pier. As such, it is very convenient. The hotel has maintained some of the rooms that were built between the years of 1850 and 1970, so you can try living in the style of the past. After from its location and interior design, the other selling point is its view. Most of the rooms from the hotel can see the bay or the mountain, and some rooms are equipped with balcony. 

8Jan2 3 2018

The restaurant inside the hotel provides excellent dishes prepared using the fish caught in the lake, and there are other western dishes as well. Those dishes taste quite well and are value for money. As such, there are many people visiting the restaurant. The hotel will also ask the guests at check in to see if they need to book a table at the restaurant. 

8Jan2 4 2018

In addition to dinner, the hotel will provide free buffet breakfast. You can come here to relax a bit and start a new journey afterwards. 

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8Jan2 6 2018

Fretheim Hotel
Address: 5743 Flåm, Mailbox 63 
Telephone: (+47) 57 63 63 00

Website: https://goo.gl/FYLnhF

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