The Fee Family is situated in Yilan's countryside. It is located 15 – 20 minutes of taxi ride from the Yilan Station. The shop also has its own car park so you can actually drive there. The Bee Farmer has other sightseeing places nearby for example the Jim and Dad's Brewery Factory, Gold Car Cameron Whiskey Winery, Vanilla Fife, Golden Carpet Garden, etc., which are very suitable for families to spend the entire day in this area.

26Jan1 2 2020

The Bee Farmer was established in 1981 and is the first honey brand in Taiwan. The Bee Farmer was established to enrich people's understanding of the bee.

26Jan1 3 2020

There is no entrance fee and once you stepped into the place, you will see the selling area which sells products such as honey, honey cake, honey vinegar and Propolis, etc. On the other side, it is the cultural area, which you can explore on your own or sometimes there will be tour guides. It explains the growth of bees and also displays the largest bee comb in Taiwan. There is also an audio visual area.

26Jan1 4 2020

There is an outdoor area which you need to make advanced reservations and you can try to extract honey by yourself. You can change into the black protection clothes and will be assisted by attendants to prevent your small children from being bitten by the bee.

26Jan1 6 2020

After the visit, you can buy some souvenirs and perhaps can dine at the restaurant which provides simple meal, dessert and other beverages, etc. Everything has honey added, so they are all worth trying.

26Jan1 5 2020

Bee Farmer
Address:  403 Section 2, Yuan Shan Road, Yuan Shan Village, Yilan County
Telephone: 03-9233668
Opening Hours: 08:30 – 17:00
Entrance Fee: Free


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