Speaking of Jiufen, apart from visiting the landmark structure A-Mei Tea House, many tourists will also try out the snacks shops in the area. One of the must try items is the Taro Ball, and the most famous shop is called Auntie Gan. The Auntie Gan Taro Balls shop has over 30 years of history. It is the first Taro Balls shop in Jiufen. You need to climb a long staircase all the way from the A-Mei Tea House in order to reach there. 

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Inside the shop, you will find Taro Balls and Sweet Potato Balls, all of them are handmade by the shops utilizing the highest quality of taro and sweet potato. These balls can be mixed with green bean, red bean and big bean, or even with sliced ice and hot soup added. This will cool you down in summer and keep you warm in winter. From the outside of the shop, it just appears as a normal shop. However, after you have reached the back of the store, you will be amazed at the special area which contains more tables as well as some tables with excellent view of the nearby Keelung valley. In addition, you will also be able to see the manufacturing process of the Taro Balls and the Sweet Potato Balls. 

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The Taro Balls and Sweet Potato Balls can be enjoyed at the shop or taken away, and you can even purchase the uncooked Taro Balls. They are valid for 3 months and is the best items to be purchased as souvenirs. 

Auntie Gan Taro Balls 

Address: 5 Qiqi Road, Rui Fang District, New Taipei City 
Telephone: 02 2497-6505 
Opening Hours: 
Weekdays  09:00 – 20:00
Weekends  09:00 – 22:00

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