Taipei's Pingxi district has the largest waterfall in Taiwan. It is 20 feet wide. Due to erosion of the granite, there are many different layers of the waterfall. You can reach the waterfall by walking 30 minutes from the Shifen Old Street where you light up the big lanterns. You can even take taxi to reach there. 

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Speaking about the waterfall, there are abundant of water. You can hear the noise of water from very far away. There are also forests around and you can take many different types of photos during the day.The park where the waterfall is located is free admission. There are also some relaxation area in the park and the park will be closed before sunset, so please plan accordingly. 

Shifen Waterfall

Address: No. 10, Qiankeng, Pingxi District, Xinbei City,Taipei
Opening hours:
October to May        09:00 ~ 17:00  (16:30 last admission) 
June to September   09:00 ~ 18:00  (17:30 last admission)

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