The Umeda area not only has a wide variety of shops, but the basement of the Umeda Sky Building has a small restaurant street called 

The street sells some old-fashioned street food from the Showa era and you can definitely feel the atmosphere of the era with the decoration of the place. 

There is a small grill shop within the Takimikoji Food Street which always has long lines. The shop is called "Pheasant Wooden Base – Osaka Grill". The owner is well known in Osaka and the main store has been opened since 1969. He also is the winner of certain television cooking competitions. 

Inside the store, the chef will help you grill the food and you will find large pieces of steel in front of your seats. The servers there are able to speak some Mandarin. The most famous dish is grilled pork which is served using sauces and basil leaves. The special smell of the basil leaves is the reason why this dish is well liked by customers. If you have two or more persons going, you can order more dishes such as fried noodles to share. 

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Pheasant Wooden Base – Osaka Grill

Address: B1 Oyodonaka chome, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Osaka

Telephone: +81 06-6440-5970

Opening Hours: 11:30-21:30Closes on Thursday

For details, please visit :

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